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Sustainability at Cap Serein

Solar Panels on Roof

Renewable Energy

South Africa is experiencing an interruption to its electricity supply due to a high demand on the national power grid. As a solution, the country is implementing "loadshedding" (planned governmental power cuts). To ensure that our guests have uninterrupted power at our guest house, we have invested in an eco-conscious solution – solar power! Our solar grid sustains all day-to-day necessities such as lights, WiFi,  hot water, TV and more.  

Water Conservation

Cape Town has experienced altering rainfall patterns and periodic water shortages since 2016. In an effort to curb water restrictions and to be water conscious, we implement various measures at our guest house such as collecting rainwater, using grey water for outdoor flower beds, and minimizing overall consumption when washing dishes or linen. We ask our guests to also help us conserve this critical natural resource.

Dark Ocean
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